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Joy Trip Project - The Unhidden Minute

James Edward Mills

Give me a minute and let me thank you for your time. Over the last several weeks you’ve listened along to this daily series of stories that detail the often-hidden legacy of Black American history. Today we celebrate the conclusion of this enterprise with our 100th episode.

Spanning more than 400 years on the ancestral homeland of displaced native people, this expansive narrative aimed to highlight the accomplishments and contributions of Black men and women toward perfecting the principles of freedom and justice upon which the United States of America was founded. Despite having been denied the benefit of these ideals for generations through racial discrimination and oppression, these remarkable individuals have demonstrated, time and time again, their steadfast determination to live up to and expand not only their own personal liberties and civil rights, but those of countless people living today and more who have yet to be born.

Thanks to the ongoing stewardship of our common heritage through the interpretation of historic sites, battlefields and monuments managed by the National Park Service, though this series now ends, the stories will continue. Thank you for listening.

I’m James Edward Mills of the Joy Trip Project and these have been, The Unhidden Minutes.

The Joy Trip Project celebrates the enduring legacy of Black American History. The Unhidden Minute is part of the Unhidden Podcast Project supported through a National Geographic Explorer Grant from the National Geographic Society, with the cooperation of the National Park Service. This series elevates the untold stories of Black American historical figures, events and cultural contributions.

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