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Audrey Peterman

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Audrey Peterman is Co-founder and President of Earthwise Productions. She is nationally renowned as an author and advocate for our National Park System since stumbling upon the system in 1995. Mrs. Peterman is widely recognized as a leader in efforts to expose the greatest diversity of Americans to these natural, cultural and historic treasures as a means of securing the future of parks and people. She speaks prolifically around the country on the benefits of our public lands and waters, and shares them widely through social media.

Her work has been recognized with multiple national honors including the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s Environmental Hero Award, 2000 and Black Meeting & Tourism Distinguished Service Award 2013. Mrs. Peterman has served on the boards of in multiple conservation-focused organizations including the National Parks Conservation Association (5 terms) the Association of Partners for Public Lands (2 terms) the National Parks Promotion Council (2 terms) and the Delaware North Parks and Resorts Advisory Board.

She is a founding member of community-focused grassroots organizations including South Florida Community Partners and Keeping It Wild, Atlanta. Mrs. Peterman and EPI were the impetus behind the famous conference, “Breaking the Color Barrier in the Great American Outdoors” 2009 which is widely credited as the spark that rekindled a nascent grassroots movement into a thriving entity today.

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