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Dorien Blythers

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Dorien Paul Blythers was a student at Howard University in Washington, D.C. when he led student efforts resulting in the first university- wide recycling mandate in the institution’s 147-year history.

He joined the National Ocean’s Policy team at the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) as an intern where he worked alongside former Arizona Governor and Interior Secretary, Bruce Babbitt. At EDF, Dorien laid the groundwork for a “Partnership for Environmental Leadership” with Howard University, the first initiative of its kind, and was publicly endorsed by former White House advisor, Van Jones.

In 2012, Dorien spearheaded President Obama’s reelection campaign in Riviera Beach, Florida. He continues to build at the intersection of environmental advocacy, diversity and outreach landing him opportunities with Congress, People for the American Way, The Outdoor Foundation, Sierra Club, U.S. Green Building Council and The White House.

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