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Evonne Lapsey

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Evonne Blythers is the Director of the Edge of Night Camping Club (ENCC) and Environmental Education Coordinator for the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance where she helps youth experience nature at the Atlanta Outdoor Activity Center. As Founder and Director of ENCC she has been a very strong advocate in getting families outdoors. Evonne formed Edge of Night in 1994 after returning from a family camping trip and realizing the family had broken all the rules of the campground. Edge of Night has been featured in an episode of Georgia Outdoors and participates annually in the Great American Backyard

In 2009, Evonne was a finalist for the Cox Conserves Heroes and a nominee for East Metro Atlanta Citizen of the Year. An administrative assistant by profession, she has worked for Zoo Atlanta and Georgia Aquarium, and serves on the board of the Keeping It Wild Program since 2006. Evonne has visited all of the 65 Georgia State Parks and Historic sites and has been a Girl Scout Leader since 2001.

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