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Frank Peterman

Book A DEL Speaker

Frank Peterman, Sr. served as Southeast Regional Director of the Wilderness Society 2003-2010, during which time he managed the office and the campaign to protect wilderness areas. His priorities were to connect the public with the federal lands and serve as a liaison to the Congressional Black Caucus. His innovative approach included the development of the non-profit Keeping It Wild which organized educational and recreational visits to the parks and forests, culminating in an Annual Gala which brought members of Congress together with their constituents in a social setting. The organization was cited “Best New Environmental Program” by Earth Share of Georgia.

Mr. Peterman brings years of experience and insight in community organization, environmental concerns, community perceptions, politics, policy, and effective communications. He worked successfully with Congress and conservation organizations to get National Park Designation for Ocmulgee National Monument, and to protect wilderness areas in the North Georgia Mountains. A lifelong nature lover, he recently completed his semi-autobiographical novel, South Florida Son, centered on his youthful experiences related to the breach of the Everglades ecosystem and the development of the Civil Rights movement. A skilled negotiator, he manages the Bureau’s business affairs while also serving as a speaker.

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