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Loan Lake

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Loán Lake is a journalist, published author, and a public relations strategist who got her start in public
relations on Capitol Hill. Since then, she has led communications and marketing for global non-profits,
fortune 500 companies, churches, and tourist destinations. She has over 20 years’ experience as a
writer, communicator, public speaker, and brand builder with a focus on multicultural markets. Her
work is influenced by her upbringing in a multicultural community in the U.S. Virgin Islands, her training
as a DEI facilitator, a desire to debunk stereotypes and misperceptions about people of color.
Loán is an active member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Charlotte Chapter and leads
the Diversity and Inclusion committee’s mentoring initiative for students at Johnson C. Smith University.
She is also a former panelist at 2020 PRSA ICON and recently led a panel discussion at the 2023 PRSA
Travel and Tourism Conference. Through her consulting practice, Gobi Marketing Group, she helps
clients to identify the right approach to find and connect with their target audiences from a multicultural
perspective. Loán is passionate about building strategic partnerships, all things tourism, creating
culturally inclusive communications strategies, and telling stories that have a positive impact on the
world. She resides in Charlotte with her husband Earl.

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