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Tarsha Scovens

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With over 20 years of leadership, programming and coordination experience, along with a passion for the outdoors, Tarsha is spearheading a movement to ethnically diversify outdoor participation. After traveling across the United States, visiting national/state parks, camping, hiking, reading outdoor-industry reports and during nature walks, she has come to see the disparity between those that “look like” her and those that don’t, who are investing in and appreciating their outdoor spaces. This disparity fuels her interest to bridge the gap and or disconnect between the two.

Tarsha holds a Masters in Professional Communication from La Salle University and a Bachelors in Liberal Studies from Virginia Wesleyan College. She has spoken locally to groups in the Philadelphia area on topics of leadership, business success and is just beginning to make her voice heard on the topic of “people of color and their limited connection to outdoor spaces.” Her hope is that as people of color increase their participation in the outdoors that they will, in turn, increase their support of outdoor spaces for the sustainability of our environment. She is currently working with Let’s Go Outdoors’ co-founder (and twin sister), Keisha Scovens, on innovative outdoor programming that isn’t just a one-time experience, but spans over one’s lifetime, with family participation, creating a true connection to the outdoors – solving the issue of people of color not “connecting” with nature and/or outdoor spaces.

Tarsha lives in Cheltenham, PA with her husband and two daughters, ages one and three. Her dynamic energy, creative spirit, likeable demeanor and drive to connect the next generation of investors in the outdoors, makes her a vital up and coming speaker to the environmental and/or outdoor community.

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