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Teresa Baker

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As the Founder of the African American National Park Event, Teresa’s vision is anchored in interacting with outdoor entities (i.e. retailers, NGOs, federal agencies) who are having difficulty engaging diverse audiences within their organization and in outdoor arenas, such as national parks.

The African American National Park Event network provides African American communities across the country with opportunities to participate in events that speak to their preferences, culture, heritage and lifestyle. She parlays this introduction into an experience that dramatically changes perceptions and behaviors relative to the national parks and, by default, fosters the next generation of diverse, informed and loyal park stewards and outdoor enthusiasts.

Teresa has shown great event planning skills, as demonstrated in the recent Buffalo Soldiers trail retracing pilgrimage, from the Presidio of San Francisco into Yosemite national park.

As an Outdoor Afro leader, Teresa has organized various hiking adventures throughout bay area outdoor spaces.

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